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Five Back Pain Products To Reduce Suffering


Back pain can be really annoying to deal with. These can greatly lessen your productivity and keep you occupied for the rest of the day. To solve these problems, there are a lot of back pain relief products available in the market. However, the question still exists. Do they really work?

Here are some back-pain products as well as their results for your well-being.

1.  Back Massager


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What the product is: An instrument that uses pressure and vibrations for pain-relief.

Pain-relief solution: Eases pain through loosening tight muscles in your back.

The truth:

Back massagers can quickly alleviate suffering without the use of heavy medication. They greatly reduce pain through loosening cramped muscles in your back. However, keep in mind that these products only provide a quick-fix and not a permanent solution. They do not generally work on more serious back problems such as discs.

Among the products in the market, wear-on-waist and portable back massagers are preferred by this generation. Always remember to not overuse back massagers, as they can become dangerous for serious cases.

2.  Posture Correctors


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What the product is: Aside from proper alignment, a good back posture reduces the stress on the ligaments that hold the spinal joints together. 

Pain-relief solution: Reduce chronic back pain through correcting posture which prevents muscle strain.

The truth:

It is true that proper posture reduces back pain. Proper back posture can minimize injury, prevent muscle fatigue, and can help avoid muscle strain. Some studies even reveal that physical posture and body language affects how we feel mentally and emotionally.

Proper posture can also help make you appear more attractive, which adds to your self-confidence anywhere you decide to wear it. If you’re having difficulty in starting to correct your posture, wearing a posture corrector can help ease the pain and kick the bad habit of slouching. If you're interested in improving your posture and protect your back, try Optimal Back Brace.


3. Tens Units


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What the product is: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units that are applied in the calf or back.

Pain-relief solution: Disrupts pain signals and redirects them without the use of chemicals.

The truth:

TENS Units are medicinal breakthroughs. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, they involve control of the nervous system without the use of medication through pain killers. This is done through electrical impulses sent by the unit.

In general, TENS Units are great ways to alleviate pain. However, a person can be over reliant on the product, so it still needs strict monitoring and control. TENS Units are available in the market for $35 for cheaper brands to $500 for more advanced ones.

4. Pain Killers

10 Things You Need to Know About Prescription Pain Killers Now | Premier  Physical Therapy and Personal Training



What the product is: Over the counter medication which alleviates back pain

Pain-relief solution: Redirects pain receptors through chemical reactions in the nervous system.

The truth:

Pain killers are surefire ways to reduce back pain. However, remember that they do not address the cause of the problem. Instead, they only provide temporary relief. Also, strong Painkillers can produce adverse effects to the body, so there is a need to be wary.

5. Low-cost Massage Tools


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What the product is: Objects such as rollers and balls created to loosen tight muscles manually.

Pain-relief solution: Massage painful areas in the back.

The truth:

These things have the same functions as back massagers. However, they are manual and not electrical. Massage tools can provide relief through loosening cramped regions of the back, and they are very cheap alternatives to many back-pain solutions that are available in the market. 

Sometimes the pain that we experience can become unpleasant and hindersome,  but can be remedied with increase blood flow throughout the body. Acupuncture have been known to help boost the natural healing power.  Acupressure Mat can have a positive effect on your overall mood and blood flow. 













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