Whether you're an Athlete, Construction worker or someone who cares about your spine and posture, Welcome to OptimalBack. As one of the leaders in our industry, we have built a reputation for putting the customer first and exceeding their expectations. Our comprehensive policies set us apart from our competitors, ensuring a customer-centered shopping experience that saves you 30-70% off retail costs.

Our journey began with a personal experience. As a former athlete, I understand the limitations and challenges that come with back and neck pain. Seeking alternative, affordable solutions to the expensive procedures, I set out to make a difference. OptimalBack was born from the belief that there are better options available for an active and healthy lifestyle, without constantly visiting doctors or chiropractors.

We know the negative impact of extended periods of sitting on your back and overall health. That's why our products aim to stimulate increased blood flow and trigger the body's natural painkillers, providing effective relief for long-term discomfort. We recommend these products with 100% confidence because we use them ourselves. OptimalBack was created to help others live an optimal life, free of pain and misery.


We want to be there for you every step of the way, supporting your progress and helping you overcome obstacles. Our goal is to provide a pain-free and optimal life, ensuring that you can approach the world positively and confidently. At OptimalBack, we seek to establish a long-term relationship with our customers, offering the best experience possible.

As a former athlete, I understand the importance of living a healthy and pain-free life. We want to make your life a little more pleasant and help you feel your best. OptimalBack is here to assist you on your journey towards optimal well-being and ensure that you can enjoy life to the fullest. We are committed to providing exceptional products, unbeatable prices, and unparalleled customer service.

Choose OptimalBack and experience the difference. We want you back, living pain-free and embracing an optimal life.



Having back/neck pain can limit your mobility and it is one of the most challenging way of living a normal life. I know because as a former athlete I was used to being in pain everyday. That's when I decided to look for alternative ways versus the challenging and expensive procedures.



There is no quick fix to back/neck problems, without a constantly visiting doctors or chiropractors. We believe there are other affordable, preferred options you can adopt in order to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sitting for an extended period of time can have negative impact on your back and overall health. To stimulate increased blood flow while at the same time triggering the activity of the body’s natural painkillers can be very effective approach to relieve long term pain or discomfort. 


These Our products are for women and men of every generation and recommend them 100% because WE use them too. When I started this company I wanted to help others live an optimal life, free of pain and misery.

That's why we want help you when you are feeling discomfort.

Along the way, see you progress and rise above the obstacles.

We want to be there for you, to live a pain free and optimal life.