6 Ways To Relieve Back Pain

6 Ways To Relieve Back Pain

Good Posture 

Poor posture can have long term effect on your health and make your back pain worse. If you're sitting for a long periods of time or slouching when you walk or stand, you might want to be more aware of your posture. Make sure to sit upright and support your back against the chair with both feet flat on the floor keeping your shoulders relaxed. If necessary put a comfortable pillow between your lower back to aid and improve your posture. Using Posture Corrector can be very helpful to obtaining a great posture and improve balance. 


Better Sleep

Sleeping can be difficult when having back pain. And this can become a vicious cycle that can have long term effect on the health of your spine. It's important for the body to rest properly in order for it to heal. That's why it's very crucial to make sure your back is in optimal position when you sleep to relieve the stress on your back. Depending on the position of your sleep this can be achieved by having a firm pillow and mattress. Put the pillow behind your knees if you sleep on your back, and between your knees if you sleep on your side. This helps your spine to stay in a comfortable and neutral position as well as taking the tension and stress of your back. Make sure you use a firm and comfortable Pillow.


Medication From The Store

Before you use any medication for your back or neck pain please consult with your doctor first. However there are many over-the-counter medicines you can take to ease and relieve the pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs usually help bring down the inflammation cause to the nerves or between the disks. Don't expect the medication alone to solve the problem, and do not hesitate to consult with a professional or a doctor if the pain persist. You may need more than one type of treatment that could be recommended by your physician or doctor. Your doctor may even prescribe antidepressant medications for chronic back pain, which is normal. It is supposed to help and influence chemical signals affecting brain messengers to the body. Also check out The 13 Anti Inflammatory Foods You Can Eat.


Physical Therapy

It is well known that the core is the base and the foundation of the body; Keeping the core strong and flexible is essential for a healthy, strong back. One way to recover from back pain or injury is Physical Therapy, which usually involves in strengthening the muscles that support areas around your back/neck.You get to do specialized exercises and to learn how to sit and stand properly in order to alleviate pain and avoid future problems in the areas mentioned. But physical therapy takes time, you have to be patient and persistent.



 Harness the Power of Physical Therapy for Optimal Rehabilitation



Hands-On Therapy

Getting massage can be calming and relaxing, but did you know that getting massage regularly can also reduce and diminish your back pain. Once a week for a 12 week period can improve mobility and reduce pain/discomfort. The continuous weekly massage is required to help relax the muscles around the affected area. Another option when dealing with chronic back pain is to go to a chiropractor or a physical therapist. Spinal manipulation that is performed by a chiropractor or a licensed specialist can help alleviate pain and recover spine flexibility. This treatment seems a little scary and uncomfortable at first but it may be necessary in order to relieve and reduce chronic pain and help revive mobility and structural issues that persist. 

 massage therapy

Nerve Stimulation

The research has shown that certain treatments that stimulate nerves to reduce chronic back pain can be effective. The ancient method of acupuncture can have various benefits including reducing back pain. Ask your doctor to consider adding acupuncture to your treatment plan if you aren't finding relief with more conservative care. There is also another method that might be helpful is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), during which mild electric pulses are delivered to the nerves to block incoming pain signals. Check out this Optimal Neck Massager that can help stimulate the nerves around the neck and upper back. 

It's recommended to contact a doctor or a chiropractor first if you're experiencing back pain. If your back discomfort is severe, your doctor may order X-rays to examine the problem more thoroughly. Similarly, a Chiropractor can determine the reason of your pain by asking you a series of simple questions and checking your alignment. Back pain is frequently alleviated via regular adjustments, making it simpler to resume regular exercise.

Strenuous activity is highly trendy right now when it comes to working out. Extreme exercise programs such as P90X and Insanity have swept the fitness world. These programs, however, are not suitable for everyone, particularly those with back problems. Lifting free weights or activities that entail repetitive bending actions, such as squats, should also be avoided.

If you suffer back pain after working out, you should avoid picking up weights off the floor and doing too many crunches and low back extensions. When conducting exercises, make sure to bend with your knees rather than your back to avoid more back pain. Also, make sure your workout machine or equipment is properly set up. Simply doing out on a machine with an incorrect seat height can cause pain the next day.

So, if you're worried about back pain, what workouts can you do? Make an effort to do your workout in the water. Swimming laps or jogging in the water are both excellent exercises. Water aerobics and water zumba are both enjoyable and gentle on the back. Walking on a treadmill or cycling on a recumbent bike might also help your back relax.

Exercise is a crucial aspect of daily living, but it shouldn't have to come at the expense of back discomfort. Take it easy if you have back pain and work on strengthening your back muscles. Remember not to overwork yourself or engage in any workout that causes you pain. Consult your chiropractor or physician for advice on how to avoid and manage back pain, as well as the best workout program for you.

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